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10 Ways to Clean Up Glitter

My thing - crafting - includes the joys of glitter, glue, paint, and felt-tip pens. I bought a beautifully decorated hat and ended up with a nice stack of it.



First, vacuum the glittery surface to get the bulk of the shine out. In the meantime, you can remove any gloss that sticks to the carpet with a rubber glove solution. Then use a cushion brush to combat the vacuum. For a deeper clean: First, clean your shine and use a damp paper towel to sweep it from one place to another.


If you have glitter lacquer, you can apply it with oil or cotton balls. If you have ever used glitter nail polish, there is a good chance that you will need a chisel to remove it. For a mania primer, add a layer of PVA glue mixed with water and then coat it with glitter paint.


Once you are ready to remove the glue, do so and make sure you lift every scrap of sparkle out of your bed with a satisfying gesture. Soak the cotton balls in acetone remover, put on the nail bed, and wrap with aluminum foil.



Saturate the cotton pad with the liquid and hold it over your closed eyes to loosen the shine and gently wipe it off to remove it. Leave to sit for about five minutes. Repeat this process on the nail, and it will slide off to reveal a fresh, glitter-free tip.



Use this oil to treat yourself to a facial massage and to remove everything that remains on your eyes and makeup. This oil will help you relax. So sit back and stop complaining about removing the remaining glitter and focus on the beauty on your face and body.


Use the oil and a cotton pad to clean your face as usual. First, place the pad in the oil then wipe your face. This will loosen everything up and wipe away any leftover glitter residue. Slide the cotton pads across your face using gentle sweeping strokes, rather than rubbing it, which only moves the shine around. Once the massage is complete, rinse with water so that the oils take away any remaining shine.


Spray your kitchen roll with hairspray, pecking at your scalp bit by bit. It's perfectly normal to lose a few strands during this process. If you don't want to look like a rock star at your desk on Monday morning, you need to get the shine out of your hair. Remove more glitter by pulling your hair until - if you lean your head down - it's enough.


If shampooing does not help, hairspray offers the best chance to remove the sparkle from hair and scalp. First, apply hairspray to a paper towel, then use the paper towel anywhere the glitter is clinging to the hair, such as the back of the head or neck. This step may require either the help of a friend or the use of a mirror.



I know nothing about you, but most parents will spray glitter-covered clothes with hairspray and let them dry before washing them. Another way to remove the shine from the hair is to spray your hair with hairspray then smear the scalp with a paper towel. Hairspray loosens up the glitter and makes it easier to remove.



If you want to remove the shine from your skin, use an oil or cotton pillow to wipe your face and other glittery areas of the body. Next, use a damp cloth to remove the remaining glitter.



I do not recommend using a mop as it can be difficult to rinse and rub off the glitter pieces. If you find yourself struggling to clean up a glitter mess, you can use the tape method I used on the carpet to get rid of stubborn glitter pieces.


Cleaning pine needles on tiles and hardwood is as easy as pumpkin pie and as much fun as it sounds.


Glitter - the natural enemy of plaster - is a hobby of obsessive hobbyists, but it gets everywhere and gets left behind after cleaning. If you glitter on the surface of your clothes, you'll become a mascot in no time.



Similarly, Play-Doh and Silly Putty can be used to collect craft glitter and create stylish looks for kids. Since glitter is very fine, a wet paper towel is enough to lift it off the carpet.



Taking a lint roller to your carpet may work against some types of glitter, but it's usually hit or miss.


The silly putty trick is said to be great for crafting, so give it a try if you haven't already. While hairspray may promote adhesion between towel and towel, it is not as efficient as a wet towel.









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