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Fabulous Festival Looks With Glitter

Festivals are the perfect place to experiment, as you will be in a sea of fantastical outfits and costumes. Use glitter on your face and body to instantly spice up your look and create a festival-ready vibe. 

And what better way to stand out in a crowd by adding an accent with glitter!

We've put together a few different looks that you can try out with any of our products.

This magical, mythical look was created with Disco Party glitter, and I think it's one of the most popular looks for a festival.


You can use our thickened cosmetic Aloe Gel bonder- or a lip gloss that you already own- and apply the glitter to your eyes and face to give you that magical glow.

Take a look at the ocean theme and transform yourself into a mermaid with some aqua-inspired glitter color, Mermaid Queen.

Be sure to take clear hair gel with you if you want to apply some glitter to your body. This will keep it attached to your skin even during the sweatiest of dance sessions.


Glitter is extremely versatile and our color blends come in multi-colored shades, so it will go with pretty much any outfit you wear. 

If you're like me, you'll look like a sparkling star throughout the entire festival, brightening up every look and making a huge statement.

Remember, other people will love seeing it on you! 

Sparkle for you, but also for the rest!



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