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5 Fabulous Festival Looks With Glitter

Cator Walk

Festival is the perfect place to experiment, as you get to see many other bizarre outfits and costumes. Of course, you want to stand out from the crowd, but you can have a lot of fun with glitter. We've put together a few different looks that you can try out with any of Fun Glitter's products.

This magical, mythical look was created with unicorn glitter for a festival this summer, and I think it's one of the most popular looks at festivals this year. The color palette people use for the unicorn product is just perfect for quirkiness and freedom at the festival.


I have my own Purple Unicorn Festival Gloss that you can apply to your eyes and face to give you that magical glow. I combined it with a little glitter and a few drops of the Unicorn Glitter Gloss to add some extra shine.

Take a look at the ocean theme and transform yourself into a mermaid with some aqua-inspired glitter and a few drops of aqua glitter gloss.

Be sure to take your festival glue with you if you want to apply some shine to your body somewhere. With the sparkle of the Mermaid Festival, which captures the light of the sea and the warm glow of a mermaid's skin with a few drops of aqua glitter, you have the ideal shine.

Transformation: Transform face, body, eyes, and even hair and nails with a few drops of aqua glitter and glitter glue.


I also recommend a few pink strands of hair for added effect, but you can experiment with the rest of the costume. If you're not so sure what your costume should be and aren't so fussy about being special, sparkling stars are a great way to brighten up your look without making a massive statement. Glitter is extremely versatile and multi-colored shades, so it will go with pretty much any outfit you wear. You can't go wrong with stars. If you're like me, you'll look like a sparkling star throughout the entire festival, brightening up every look and making a huge statement, even if it's just for fun.

Use it on your face and body to spice up your look and instantly create a festival-ready vibe. For a sheen, you can also create a floral style that is perfect for summer or even for a more casual day-to-day look.


We have a festival glitter mix that easily mixes glitter with black, which is perfect for rock chicks everywhere who want to spruce up their outfits. Mix silver and festival glamour for a glam-rock-inspired look.

Visit the Fun Glitter website for more information about their glitter products, as well as a full list of all their products for sale, or visit their website.

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