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How Do I Apply Body Glitter?

The kerosene jelly keeps the shine and also leaves a beautiful dewy shine on the surrounding skin. Spread the ointment evenly over the area of skin you want to make shine, then press the glitter spots into your hand to apply. This is the best product if you want to add glitter to your cleavage, as it not only keeps its sparkly look, but it also lasts longer.

If you plan to sleep in it for a week, you can use a brush to minimize the mess. But if you plan to be outside and the idea of wrapping yourself in kerosene jelly sounds like a nightmare, opt for something less sticky and more natural, like a spray brush.



Sophia from Go Get Glitter recommends applying the glue first and then dabbing the glitter effect over it with a brush. While most of us probably used some kind of glue-like kerosene jelly, ketchup, or even a spray brush to make glitter stick, Sophia says it's a recipe for disaster on the dance floor.

You may be drawn to the glitter department of the craft shop, but you definitely want to stay away if you plan to use it on your face or body. Glitter used in crafts is hard with sharp edges and can even cut the skin. If no reaction occurs, you can stock up on glitter dolls for the next party or festival.

The use of glitter colors can be a difficult matter, especially if you want them to last the whole event and still be easy to undress at the end of the day. If you want to cover yourself in glitter for just a moment or have the time, you only need a topper. There is no need to glitter on Vaseline, which seems to make it hard to put it on, but simply glitter over it. 



An eyelash glue base helps to shift the slimness of the glue as far as the weight of the glitter on the skin.

If you're looking for a glitter look that's more glam than glum, use a maximum of 1-2 shades, but invest in a bit of lip balm or face cream and leave it where it belongs. If you use glitter primer, the pigments will stick longer, even if you sweat on the dance floor.


Ariana Grande got her sparkly brows by spraying hairspray on a bowl and adding loose, glitter-quality cosmetics. Anthony recommends applying first because the glitter peels off like liquid lipstick, and then pressing it with your fingers on your lips. You don't want to spend the money on glitter lipsticks for your DIY ones, you'll probably only wear them once, so use them instead.



Anthony recommends applying cream lipstick first because the glitter peels off like liquid lipstick, and then pressing in with your fingers. To apply brow gel, dip a scary brush into the mixture and comb the glittery brow surfaces to shape your brows.

Makeup artist Anastasia Durasova says the failed method of removing the gloss is to first dab the area with Scotch tape, which removes most of the gloss and then use an oil cleanser to get the rest off. However, she advises using a real makeup remover to make it stick closer to the skin. Use a combination of oil and tape to remove the shine at a party, but not all at once.


Spread the ointment evenly over the skin you want to glitter, then press on the glitter with a hand brush.


To apply the shine, dip a scary brush into the mixture and comb the shine over the brows and press it with a hand brush. Frankie prefers body glitter, which is $15 to use Made Ever Glitters, and she gets her gloss on her eyebrows by spraying hairspray on a bowl and adding loose cosmetic glitter - straight glitter.



Set your eyebrows and then apply with a spoolie or smooth eyebrow stain, then hide the roots by painting over the glitter gel parts to distract the haters. Have glitter hair there and everywhere and take part in the glitter game, where some of the best glitter body products on the market are currently available.

Choose from a bevy of the best glitter bodies available on the market, from the most popular brands to the obscure, and choose your body glitter.

Glitter is a wonderful way to decorate your beautiful body with eye-catching shine. Waterproof face painting will be an amazing addition to your festivals this month. Part two of the Festival Glitter blog describes the growing movement to invest in each other to help you crank up your designs. I've compiled a list of my favorite body glitters available on the market and what I like about them.




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