Cosmetic Bioglitter® biodegrades in the environment wthin 28 days - Save The Oceans - FREE SHIPPING over $75


What is biodegradable glitter made from? 

Non-GMO eucalyptus trees which have been sustainably farmed, however, it still has the same reflective properties as conventional glitter from the super thin film of aluminum that's placed above the celluose film.

What is conventional glitter made from?

Plastic which can sometimes contain harsh chemicals which you don’t really want to be putting on your skin. Also if you wash this down the drain it may end up in the sea. BioGlitter has been created to marine and wastewater safe standards and is vegan.

How do I apply biodegradable glitter?

You can use moisturizing cream, aloe vera gel (thickened or even regular), shea butter, lip balm or un-petroleum jelly.  For a more long-lasting application you can use clear vegan hair gel.
Add any of those to your skin and before it dries, place glitter on top.
Because our glitter is biodegradable with moisture, we do not blend it with any gels in a pre-ready form.

Has biodegradable glitter been tested on animals?

No, biodegradable glitter is not tested on animals and is Vegan-friendly.

Is your glitter only for us on the skin?

It is cosmetic grade so suitable for use on the face, body and hair, however, it can also be used in craft projects if you wish.

How is Cosmetic Glitter different from Craft Glitter?

Moon Shatter products are safe for your face because they contain cosmetic grade glitter. Cosmetic grade glitter is higher quality, produced with only FDA approved materials and manufactured with stricter standards for cleanliness, than craft glitter. It is also 30-40% softer than traditional plastic glitter, so it feels better for your face. Of course, you can still use our glitter for eco-conscious crafting!

Why do you use glass jars?

We use glass jars because they are completely reusable! Once you have bought Starter Kit, next time simply purchase a refill glitter pack and fill up your jar.

Will Moon Shatter BioGlitter biodegrade inside the package?

Moon Shatter products are very stable, and only begin biodegrading with the introduction of moisture. That is why we do not pre-mix the glitter with any gels or liquids.

The best way to apply the glitter is to use a makeup brush to keep the container free of bacteria that could be transferred from your skin. Unless the container gets moisture inside of it, the glitter will not biodegrade in the package.