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Why Do We Love Glitter?

Although you may not have the skills of a professional make-up artist; being daring and bold will help you incorporate different styles into your makeup, glitter, and pretty much everything you dazzle.

I'm not the only person who loves glitz and glamour. I've experimented with glitter in the past, but it was usually limited to special nights out or accompanying Halloween costumes. Wearing glittery clothes or glittery dresses is a way to add a lot of glamour to your look right away. But adding glittery make-up?

I wonder what people would think about me wearing glittery things with glittery make-up in the day time as I carry on with my everyday life? (picture it at the grocery store!)



Well, I'm a big fan of using glitter with makeup. So I started going for it. 

I thought my love of body glitter and sparkling make-up would fade with age, but 'wearable glitter looks' remain magical to me, carrying a kind of witchcraft, a kind of breathless ecstasy. 

When it comes to fashion and beauty, many of us tend to set the rules for ourselves. So go bold! 

I know this is not just an aesthetic preference, as studies have shown that just babies stare at a shiny set of keys - that fascination does not escape us as we age. 

The answer is tied to one of the most fundamental needs we all have: a sense of self-worth and the desire to be loved and respected. But also to project our spirit.

It sounds like a blunt, semi-ironic remark when you try to make sense of something that has long been considered meaningless, banal, and superficial. To some extent, it is because some of us have long thought that such a thing represents a kind of feminine frivolity while others have felt embarrassed by it for centuries. In some aspects of our visual culture, glitter has something to do with cave painting, something Cleopatra did in the time before Christ, or something that cavemen did.


The word "glitter" comes from the Old Norse word "glitra", a verb that means "glitter." There is an association between glamour, charming fairies, and elves. 

But we can be whatever we want, including charming fairies. 

Be the glitter boat in the river of your life! Get out there and sparkle.

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