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Summer Mix

Moon Shatter EcoGlitter

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Summer Mix - Moon Shatter EcoGlitter
Summer Mix - Moon Shatter EcoGlitter
Summer Mix - Moon Shatter EcoGlitter
Summer Mix - Moon Shatter EcoGlitter

Our Summer Mix is a blend that comes and goes like the seasons.  This year it takes its inspiration from the setting sun sparkling over water. The burnt orange base with highlights of rose gold, bronze, and a dash of zodiac, will take you to those warm summer nights in Bali when the sky turns blood orange and the sparkles dance on the water's edge like chariots of ancestral gold. 


Biodegradable Glitter is made from a biodegradable cellulose film, which is derived sustainably from 6-year-old eucalyptus trees grown responsibly on plantations in the south of France.

Cosmetic Bio-glitter® feels much more comfortable on the skin and is physically 30-40% softer than Polyester Glitter, giving it a more comfortable experience for the end-user.  Globally cosmetic regulations compliant.




MAXIMUM SPARKLE- All Bio-Glitters are reflective and precision-cut hexagonal in shape, giving it the ultimate glam look. 

This color blend includes 3-4 different sizes of bio-glitter to give a multi-dimensional look when applied to your body, face or hair:

  • Fine (150 micron/.006” hex)
  • Standard (200 micron/.008” hex) 
  • Chunky (375 micron/.015” hex) 
  • Super chunky (1000 micron/.040” hex)
  • Uber chunky (2400 micron/.094” hex) 

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