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10 Creative Ways to Use Biodegradable Glitter for Every Occasion

Let’s face it, life is better with a bit of sparkle. Whether you're jazzing up a Tuesday or going full glam for a party, biodegradable glitter is your new best friend. It's eco-friendly, guilt-free, and absolutely fabulous. Here are 10 hilarious and creative ways to sprinkle biodegradable glitter into your everyday life.

1. Glitter Bomb Your Makeup Routine

Why settle for matte when you can shimmer? Add a touch of biodegradable glitter to your eyeshadow for a look that says, "I woke up like this, but sparklier." Just dab a bit on your eyelids, and boom, you’re ready to dazzle.

Tutorial: Use a makeup brush to apply a thin layer of glitter adhesive to your eyelids (our thickened aloe gel), then gently press the glitter on top. Remember, less is more unless you're going for that disco ball effect.

2. Sparkling Crafts for Kids (or Kid-like Adults)

Kids love glitter, and let’s be honest, so do we. Use biodegradable glitter in your next arts and crafts session. Think glitter slime, glittery picture frames, or even sparkly pet rocks.

Tutorial: Mix glitter into your homemade slime recipe or sprinkle it over glue-covered picture frames. Tip: Do this outside if you don’t want to find glitter in your coffee for the next six months.

3. Bedazzled Beverage

Turn any drink into a magical potion by adding edible biodegradable glitter. Your guests will be enchanted, and your Instagram will be lit. (We do not sell biodegradable edible glitter, but still a fun idea!)

Tutorial: Stir a pinch of edible glitter into your favorite beverage. It works wonders in cocktails, lemonade, and even morning coffee. Warning: It may cause you to dramatically sip and say, "This is the most fabulous drink ever."

4. Glittery Greeting Cards

Forget boring cards. Make your greetings sparkle! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, a glittery card shows you care enough to send the very best.

Tutorial: Spread glue in your desired pattern on the card, sprinkle glitter generously, and let it dry. Shake off the excess glitter (preferably over a trash can unless you want to be finding glitter for the next year).

5. Party Decor That Shines

Transform any party into a glitter extravaganza. From glitter balloons to shimmering tablecloths, biodegradable glitter is your party MVP.

Tutorial: Inflate balloons, brush them with a thin layer of glue, and roll them in glitter. For tablecloths, use a spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter liberally. Your guests will be talking about your sparkly soiree for weeks.

6. Fashion Forward: Glitter Hair

Bad hair day? More like fab hair day! Sprinkle a bit of biodegradable glitter into your hair gel for a look that’s runway-ready.

Tutorial: Mix glitter with hair gel and apply to your hair. For an all-over sparkle, run your fingers through your hair, ensuring even coverage. For targeted glitter, use a brush to apply. This also works for full body application.

7. Sparkly Shoes

Give your old shoes a new lease on life. A bit of glitter can transform plain pumps into Cinderella-worthy footwear.

Tutorial: Apply a layer of fabric glue to your shoes, sprinkle glitter, and let dry. For added protection, spray with a sealant. Voilà, instant glam.

8. Glitter Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are fun, but glitter tattoos? Next level. Perfect for festivals, parties, or just because you’re feeling extra.

Tutorial: Use a stencil to apply body-safe glue to your skin, then cover with glitter. Press down lightly and brush off excess. Enjoy your temporary tattoo and be prepared for envious looks.

9. Glittery Garden

Who says plants can't be glamorous? Sprinkle biodegradable glitter on your garden for a magical, fairy-tale look.

Tutorial: Lightly mist your plants with water, then dust with glitter. The water helps the glitter stick without harming your plants. Your garden will look like it’s straight out of a storybook.

10. Glitter Bomb Your Life

The ultimate use for biodegradable glitter? Glitter bomb your life. Sprinkle a little here, a little there, and watch the magic happen. From surprise glitter envelopes to sparkly gym gear, the possibilities are endless.

Tutorial: Keep a small vial of glitter with you at all times. Need to brighten someone's day? A tiny sprinkle of glitter goes a long way. Just be sure to ask first; not everyone appreciates unexpected sparkle (though they should).

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